Windshield Repair Services in San Diego

Choosing a San Diego Windshield Repair company that is Licensed, Insured and Qualified is crucial to your safety! If you have rock chip damage to your windshield, follow these easy steps to ensure the best possible windshield rock chip repair:   - COVER the entire damage with packing tape. This will keep debris from contaminating the repair area. - OPEN the windows about an inch and park in the shade until repair time. - TURN-OFF the heater or air conditioner. A major change between outside and inside temperatures will split the damage. - CALL one of the licensed, insured and qualified companies on our list.

Be Aware!

There are many companies lurking around car washes and gas stations offering free repairs. Often times, these ‘harvesters’ are only after your insurance information and do not care about the actual quality of your repair. Choose a business with brick and mortar to ensure that your warranty will be good in the future!
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